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IKAIKA Workouts Week of 1/22/24

Monday Workouts: SWEAT 1/22/24 Olympic Lifts Week 1 Snatch Practice 6 EMOM 3 x (D&U + Elbows High Elbows + Muscle Snatch) CONDITIONING Buy In:…

Calorie Inferno: Burn Calories Fast with these Exercises

Dive into the world of calorie-burning exercises with our comprehensive guide. Discover high-intensity interval training, strength training, cardiovascular workouts, and fun outdoor activities that maximize calorie burn. Join IKAIKA Fitness in Durham, NC, for personalized fitness programs tailored for busy moms and professionals.

IKAIKA Workouts Week of 1/15/24

Monday Workout: SWEAT 1/15/24 Conditioning Week 5 WARRIOR WOD 11 (Benchmark) 50-40-30-20-10 Mountain Climbers Sit Ups High Jumps Tuesday Workout: SWEAT 1/16/24 25 AMRAP 10…

Get An Awesome Body And Age Backwards After 30: The Ultimate 3-Step Plan for Peak Fitness

Introduction Welcome to your 3-Step Guide to Reversing Age and Boosting Fitness, a new chapter in your life that will empower you to embrace a…

IKAIKA Workouts Week of 1/8/24

Monday Workout: SWEAT 1/8/24 Conditioning Week 5 WARRIOR WOD 9 (Benchmark) 5 RFT 400 m Run 15 Snatch 15 Sit Up Tuesday Workout: SWEAT 1/9/24…

Revitalize your Fitness: 5 Amazing Steps to Bouncing Back After a Break

Introduction Don’t worry if your fitness routine gets interrupted by the chaos of life. Many of us experience breaks due to personal obligations, health concerns,…

IKAIKA Workouts Week of 1/1/24

Monday Workout: SWEAT 1/1/24 Conditioning Week 4 WARRIOR WOD 7 (Benchmark) 3 RFT 400 m Run 21 Swings 21 Russian Twists 21 Ring Rows Tuesday…

Beat Belly Fat: 5 Key Steps to Lower Heart Disease Risk

Introduction Welcome to ‘Beat Belly Fat: 5 Key Steps to Lower Heart Disease Risk.’ In this blog, we will shed light on an important health…

Toning Without Bulking Up: 5 Essential Tips

Introduction Discover the ultimate guide to mastering toning without bulking up for women. We understand that achieving a lean and defined physique is a top…

Tonning Calves: 5 Effective Strategies

Introduction Welcome to our ultimate guide on slimming down your calves and achieving more defined, toned legs. Are you tired of wondering why your calves…

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