Corinne Hibbard

Corinne Hibbard



Hailing from Arizona, but raised in neighboring Wake County, Corinne has spent most of her life exploring the way we move and interact with the world around us.  From gymnastics to backpacking, cycling to powerlifting, she is fueled by a passion for movement.


And food!  If you happen to catch her when not actively eating, chances are there’s food stowed away nearby.  She loves to share recipes and is constantly on the prowl for the next interesting dish to test her culinary skills with.


A lifelong advocate for developing sustainable wellness, Corinne emphasizes physical, nutritional, and emotional health in her comprehensive approach to achieving your goals.  She believes in the importance of hands-on direction and building deep relationships with those she coaches.  To Corinne, you are more than a client; you are her fitness family.”

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