“The global pandemic and struggles over the past year have affected so many of us physically and mentally.

If you are struggling with your mental health right now, there are steps you can take to help you feel more optimistic and encourage you to be more proactive than reactive to the current situation.

Gut Health – The health of our gut microbiota plays a pivotal role in both immunity and mental health. You can take steps to improve your gut health by removing inflammatory foods and focusing on eating whole, single-ingredient, unprocessed foods with a variety of nutrients and plenty of fibre – also supplementing with Pre-bio Fibre and Gut Flora.

Daily Exercise – Exercise is fundamental for mental well-being because of both the short-term and long-term benefits. This doesn’t always have to be formal exercise, just simply getting out and moving more can bring significant mental health gains.

Media Detox – While some people find social media an important source of support, a detox now and then certainly won’t harm your mental health. Consistent exposure to negative news stories can be harmful, so try to carve out areas in your day which are the “no-go” periods and instead take this time to read, stretch or journal.

Gratitude – Actively being more grateful has many benefits for both physical and mental health and the great thing is that it is completely free! Even if you don’t feel you have much to be grateful for right now, start small. Try writing them down so you can refer back to them and reflect.
Wellbeing Routine – Mental resilience against the thousands of stressors thrown at you every day takes time and effort. A fundamental part of this is a practical boundary setting, particularly when it comes to your time. For the first hour of your day make mental health a priority and use this time to meditate & stretch without distraction.

Talking – If you are struggling with your mental health, and you need more support there are a number of providers who are available to talk to you in times of crisis, you can search for your local support at www.yourlifecounts.org.

How do you support your mental health on a daily basis? Share your tips below!👇”

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