1. Stop ditching the heavy lifting when training for fat loss

2. Stop thinking fasted cardio is magical for fat loss.

3. Stop thinking more is always better.

4. Stop doing cardio before weights.

5. Stop just doing sit-ups to get abs
If you think doing 1,000 sit-ups a day will sculpt a perfect set of abs, you’re gravely mistaken.

This sounds pretty obvious, but there are two things wrong here.

Diet is key. You can’t out-train a bad diet, especially if your only training is some midsection work.
Spot reduction doesn’t work. Do you really think you can carve a six-pack through sit-ups alone, while the rest of your body is out of shape?

6. Stop thinking you can’t burn any fat in less than 20 minutes of cardio, or that you need to be in the ‘fat burning zone.

7. Stop thinking you always need a gym
Resistance is resistance, whether that comes from a dumbbell, barbell or your own bodyweight

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