One of the greatest obstacles between you and your happiness is simply one word,stress. By stress I mean a feeling that you have in your mind of fear,anxiety,distress, worry,unease,or foreboding caused by using your mind to imagine a bad outcome to a past,present,or future event.You can use meditation to control your thoughts and feelings.

Stress will never be completely gone in our lives because of all the negative feedback we have taken on,but by meditating we can eliminate the majority of it.

You should get a great deal of comfort from the meditation because your imagination is entirely under your control.You have every situation in your life under your control.You can choose to control a bad situation or to turn the bad situation into a better situation. If you are still allowing the events that happened to you to still bother you meditation will not help you.You have to open your mind to understand how meditating will help you.You have got to get all the bad thoughts and anger you feel out of your mind before you start to use meditation.

Do something that you feel good about or something that could make you so relaxed that you will let nothing bother you.Once you can allow yourself to relax and feel good about yourself you will see that you than can meditate about the good things that occurred in your day instead of thinking about the things that happened during the day that upset you that you cannot change.

Meditation can help to clear your mind and give you such a relaxing feeling inside, which so many more people should try and conquer throughout their lives.

What meditation techniques do you use? Share with us below.👇

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