When it comes to fat loss goals, fluctuations in progress are common as no fat loss journey is linear. This is why it is important to stay on top of tracking every part of the process, such as progress photos and body measurements, as scale weight fluctuations can give the illusion of a plateau if other assessments are not comprehensive or reliable.

Majority of the time, plateaus are just issues with adherence to the plan in disguise – before you jump to making any drastic changes to your programme, take a step back and consider the whole picture.

🍎How is your nutrition? (REALLY) – Are you actually in a calorie deficit, tracking properly and hitting your targets? If you have been tracking body measurements and taking bi-weekly progress pictures – you may see changes there despite no shift on the scale.

Remember the scale will tell you your weight, but it won’t tell you what that weight is; it could be water, fat, muscle, waste – or a combination.

🏋️How is your training? (REALLY) – If you haven’t been pushing yourself in the gym and challenging yourself, then progress will naturally stall, for example, you may skip a couple of reps of an exercise, which may seem like a minor detail, but it does add up. Or, you are struggling to fit in or remember to do your cardio sessions. To see improvements, you need to be striving for progressive overload. You want a gradual increase of stress placed on the body and this can be by increasing weight, reps, sets or frequency of training. Try tracking your lifts in the gym either on a spreadsheet or a journal and look to progress them every session.

📉Has progress just slowed? – One thing to be aware of is you may still be progressing, but the pace has slowed down, which can be misconstrued as a plateau. Especially if you are no longer a beginner lifter, it is important to adjust your expectations and recognise that progress is not linear, and in the beginning, everything may seem to be moving more quickly but it’s normal for this to slow down. Stay consistent to your plan and progress will follow.

If you found this post helpful, stay tuned for part 2, where we give you tips on addressing a true plateau. 👇

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