Research has shown that living through your 40s can be the toughest decade of your life both physically and mentally. It is when you are most likely to be diagnosed with chronic diseases, often associated with lifestyle habits.🍎

In particular, excess levels of body fat are associated with decreased life expectancy, fertility and hormonal issues, poor mental health, productivity, and self-image.

These issues do not need to be inevitable, and it is never too late – here is why starting your fitness journey in your 40s could be the best anti-ageing pill:

👉With a healthy lifestyle type II diabetes is preventable and reversible for most individuals. Research has shown that if you are overweight and diagnosed with diabetes, losing 5-15 kg can reverse this within months.

👉Fertility rates in both men and women see their first significant dip in our 40s and decrease even further for those who are overweight and sedentary. For example, obese men are more likely to suffer from issues with decreased testosterone production when compared to healthy weight individuals. Fertility levels may increase by almost double for obese individuals who lose weight and research has also shown that testosterone levels improve with regular exercise in men.

👉Individuals who regularly exercise report an almost 50% reduction in mental health symptoms and, a high-quality varied diet is linked to improved mental health and cognitive function.

So, your 40s may bring a raft of increased mental and physical challenges, but these do not have to be a life sentence. Do not be a statistic and take control of your lifestyle now.

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