Some trainers believe in the common saying ‘No pain, no gain’. Whenever you start a new fitness routine you may feel a little discomfort. At most it will last for the first few days. This pain is a natural warning sign. There’s nothing to worry about but you should pay attention to it.

You can start with a good exercise routine. Don’t be excessive but you can push yourself a bit. After a few days muscles will get used to your new routine. Lactic acid, micro-tears and other physiological changes occur in the muscles and they become stronger than before.

But be careful if you are experiencing back pain, neck aches, knee joint pain and other symptoms. Then you need to consult with a specialist. For sure there is some fault in the way you are doing your routine. Maybe you are working too hard or trying to get quick results, or you have some medical problem and that exercise is not the right one for you.

Your muscles should get warmed up and relaxed before cranking them up. Many of your problems are caused by your muscles being too cold and not stretching. Sometimes it happens from overextending your capacity. So take it slow!

Be sure that you are taking sufficient time to warm up. If the warm up is too short it can easily lead to stretched or torn cartilage. It will take a long time to heal this type of damage.
Trying to keep fit through exercise is always an excellent idea. But overdoing it is just the opposite of your goal. Your aim is to improve your health and strength and not to prove that you are Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Whenever you are going to begin some new activities which you are not familiar with, you need an expert’s guidance. An incorrect way of warming up or exercising may cause injury too. First you should know the proper way to use the weight machines. There is nothing to get embarrassed about if you don’t know the correct procedure. It’s not possible for someone to know everything about exercising. Just ignore the people who laugh at you because you are unsure of how to proceed.

Once you achieve your comfort zone, you can increase both the time and the strenuousness of your workout. Most people fail to continue their fitness routine because of injuries incurred by working beyond their capacity. Remember the tortoise and the hare: ‘Slow but steady wins the race’.

What tips do you have to avoid injuries? Share with us below!

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