The Sugar Addiction Cycle:

1. You crave sugar, and consume it

2. Your blood sugar levels spike, and the dopamine levels spark the addiction.

3. Your blood sugar drops rapidly due to the body’s mechanism of releasing massive amounts of insulin to drop the blood sugar

4. This causes increased appetite and cravings, in which you consume sugar again

The amount of sugar that Americans consume per day is at a dangerous high. Americans consume an average of about 22 teaspoons in total. What we fail to realize is that sugar is found in nearly every item at a grocery store: sodas, drinks, desserts, cereals, processed foods, bars, and just about everything! So it goes that one of the fastest ways to lose weight is to cut your sugar intake. You can actually starve disease growth by cutting out sugar from your diet.

This leads us to the question: How much sugar should we consume per day?


I would like to invite you to go on a sugar fast. Choose a time period in which you can dedicate this for. For example, it may not be a good idea to start this sugar fast when you’re going on vacation with family, or during holidays, as you may be more inclined to take part of sweets.

The good news is, the cycle can be broken.

Stop the Cycle
Begin by eliminating conventional candy, sweets, desserts, sodas, sugary beverages, and processed foods, and try to make your own at home. I recommend using fruit puree as a natural sweetener during your sugar fast. By incorporating nutritional food, exercise, water, sunshine, adequate rest, and a positive mind trusting in God, you can transform your health and your life!

If you’re wondering what happens after the sugar fast, and whether you’ll be able to eat anything sweet again, we’ve got that covered! Below are alternatives that should still be used sparingly:

Healthier Alternatives for Sweetness
Brown rice syrup
Agave nectar
Pure honey
Maple syrup
Fruit pectin
Medjool dates
Coconut nectar
Blackstrap molasses
Fruit purees

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