The most recent and most interesting study of intermittent fasting was recently published in January 2020 by Wilkinson et al in Cell Metabolism.

They studied a group of people who had metabolic syndrome and who were already on blood pressure and cholesterol medications and had them eat for only 10 hours a day (or fast for 14 hours a day). The subjects could pick whatever times of the day to eat during as long as it was continuous.

In 3 months the subjects lost weight, lost fat, decreased their waist circumference, lowered their blood pressures, lowered their bad cholesterol levels (LDL), lowered their hemoglobin A1c levels (a measure of diabetic control), and slightly increased their sleep length.

What was most impressive about this study is that they did not alter the quality of their diets-they were asked to keep eating the same things they typically ate. They also were not started on any type of new exercise program. The only difference is when they ate!

What do you think of intermittent fasting? Share with us below!



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