Weightlifting is a power sport, and it is a great alternative to increase strength and grow muscle. Nowadays weightlifting has become common everywhere, and young kids are being more exposed to the sport.

Unfortunately, some people believe that weightlifting will stunt growth in kids, however, this is not supported by any scientific evidence or research.

What is supported by scientific evidence and research is that properly designed and supervised resistance training programs have numerous benefitsTrusted Source for kids, including:

1. increasing strength and bone strength index.
2. decreasing fracture risk and rates of sports-related injury.
3. growing self-esteem and interest in fitness.

Weightlifting for kids should be started with first getting the technique right, then strength developing. Because once they have good technique, they won’t have trouble in the future with injuries once they start lifting heavy weights.

So if later on, they want to take it further as a professional weight lifter then at that time they will never face problems. All the exercise and weightlifting should be done with a trainer because sometimes kids become too careless which normally leads to an accident and it may result in permanent damage.

Weightlifting is a good sporting option for many youngsters. However, this is not an easy sport and it demands a lot of dedication.

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