More women should not be afraid to do push ups.

Our chest muscles contribute towards the execution of many of our upper body movements!

Do you struggle to feel your chest when soing push ups? Here are some of our top tips!

1 – Rather than focusing on moving your elbows up and down, instead allow the elbows to travel out and in. This will match the mechanics of the chest and support optimal contraction of the chest muscles.

2 – Imagine you are trying to keep a pencil trapped between your shoulder blades and squeeze hard back into the bench to create a small arch in the lower back. This will improve stability and your ability to move the weight.

3 – Use a weight that you can control. Moving the weight too fast and bouncing out of the bottom position will reduce your ability to use the desired muscle groups. Try lowering the weight for 3 seconds and taking a 1 second pause at the bottom to promote good technique.
Do you chest press as part of your training program? Save these tips for your next session!

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