Creatine is one of the most extensively studied nutritional supplements. However, despite the proven research, it is surrounded by many myths that have put people off using it, especially women. Myths such as it is illegal, it leads to weight gain, water retention, cramping and dehydration. However, creatine like other supplements can be very beneficial in increasing the body’s capacity for high intensity exercise and lean body mass. 💪

Creatine is a non-protein nitrogen, created naturally in the body already and dietary sources include meats and fish – however you would need to consume large amounts in order to obtain adequate quantities, and this is why supplementation can be an option. It is a more efficient and less expensive means of increasing creatine in the body without excessive fat and/or protein intake. 🥩

It can improve performance during high-intensity exercise and lead to greater training adaptations as it helps you push just that little bit harder during your training sessions.

Creatine is not a “male” supplement, women can also benefit greatly, especially those who are serious about strength training or participating in high intensity sports. Creatine has shown to aid performance, recovery and increase strength significantly in a short period of time. Be mindful that with this increased exercise capacity, you may be performing at a higher intensity for longer periods therefore your body will lose more fluid through sweat, creatine pulls water into your cells, so if you are dehydrated, it can’t give you that extra 10% on a tough set. 🚰

While creatine is not harmful for those with healthy kidney function, if you do have a kidney dysfunction or disorder, please refer to your doctor before using creatine. With the appropriate doses and plenty of fluids, creatine is a safe and highly effective supplement – it is most effective when consumed alongside a healthy and balanced diet, not in place of it.

Have you tried creatine? Share your experiences below. 👇

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