In a world where there is easy access to deodorant, showers, cheap cologne and body sprays, body odor may not be the same problem that is was many years ago. But when the perfume fades or when your body turns up the heat from exercise or from a hot day, you may be smellier than you think.

The good news is, you can control your body’s funk because what you eat affects the way you smell.

A recent study out of Australia looked at the role of diet in body odor and concluded that the best foods to eat for a pleasant body odor is a diet high in plant-based foods.

In the study, researchers took a group of males and had them wear only new, white cotton T-shirts for two days after which they bagged the shirts and tracked everything they ate during those two days. They were encouraged to work out and to generate sweat but could not use any soap when bathing. A group of women then smelled the T-shirts and rated them based on pre-selected, descriptive language.

The conclusion? Researchers said the men who ate more fruits and vegetables produced a more pleasant, sweet-smelling odor than the men who ate a lot of meat and carbs. Men who ate mostly carbs rated as the worst smelling.

The study was part of research in the field of diet, attraction and attractiveness. Ian Stephen, PhD, one of the four authors of the study, says, “What people find attractive is related to underlying health. People who eat more fruit and vegetables… tend to look more healthy and attractive.”

And smell better too.

Do you know of other foods that would help you smell better? Share with us below!

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