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Warrior of the Week – Jack

Although Jack joined IKAIKA a couple of months ago, he has become a driving force with the IKAIKA Tribe. In fact, this is his second week since he switched to the 6 AM crew, and he has not missed a single day since.

Jack is an IT professional, and he joined IKAIKA looking to exercise and increase his energy levels, to blow off some of the stresses associated with his job.

As you can see from his smile, Jack has found a renewed commitment to his health and fitness. He has learned to develop healthy habits, resulting in reduced stress levels, a surge of energy during work hours, and improved sleeping patterns.

Ever wonder why someone goes to a certain gym and chooses to be a part of that community? How they end up where they are, and why they fell in love with the gym they call home. ⁠ ⁠ IKAIKA is for EVERYONE and ANYONE. That’s why each week we share the stories of our members.⁠

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