Although some symptoms might be similar, a food intolerance is not the same as a food allergy. Many people are intolerant or hypersensitive to certain foods and additives and these are usually less serious than food allergies, but often difficult to diagnose and pinpoint. 🤔

A food allergy leads to an immune reaction to a certain food and triggers it to initiate a more aggressive response which can lead to hives, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate and swelling.
Some common food allergies are eggs, peanuts, soy and shellfish.

In contrast a food intolerance does not involve the body’s immune system. A sensitivity to food is likely to originate in the gastrointestinal system because we cannot properly digest or absorb that food or the components of that food. Some common intolerances would be to gluten, lactose and caffeine.

Although food intolerances are usually less serious than allergies, they can still negatively impact your quality of life if not managed. Some common forms of diagnoses are elimination diets specifically designed to narrow down offending foods or through various testing methods.

Another interesting point is that some foods that we may think we have an intolerance to, such as pizza, pasta and bread – are all foods that we tend to overeat and eat very quickly. So often people may think they have an intolerance, but in actual fact they are simply not chewing their food properly leading to bloating after.

In any case, taking steps to identify any food intolerances you may have in order to prevent unwanted symptoms and health issues is important– so always consult a medical professional for more advice. 🏥

Have you got any food allergies or intolerances? Share your experience below! 👇

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