Warrior of the Week Wednesday – Erin

Meet Erin, easy going, super friendly, and a HARD WORKER.

Everyday, one thing is guaranteed to happen at 5 am in the morning, Erin is ready to get her fitness started with a smile. No matter how hard a workout might be, Erin is always there to crush it!

Her enthusiasm is so contagious, that other members of the 5am crew consider Erin a true source of encouragement and inspiration. I’ve been told by a couple of warriors that when they feel like they cannot go anymore, all they need do is look at Erin moving to convince themselves to keep going.

Besides being a Chief Motivator Officer (CMO) at the gym, Erin is an avid trail cyclist. When the weather permits, Erin and her husband Dave put a considerable amount of miles while tearing up the local trails.

Moreover, Erin keep a super busy schedule at home with her teenage sons, and on top of that she is manager with a local Clinical Research ⁠company. Consequently Erin joined IKAIKA to have the energy to meet the demands of her busy life, and she has excelled at it! ⁠

IKAIKA is for EVERYONE and ANYONE. That’s why each week we share the stories of our members.

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