Warrior of thee Week Wednesday – Andrea

Today we are sharing a very unique story. Although Andrea is very reserved and quiet, her kind personality and hard work have been noticed by every member of the 5am crew.

Andrea has only missed 2 days since she started her RESET challenge. In other words, out of the last 60 classes, Andrea has attended a total of 58. That is an attendance rate of 97%!!!

Furthermore, she is only a couple of days away from hitting her final GOAL out of the park.

Andrea, spent her professional career educating and taking care of the children within our community. Due to her dedication and love of her job, Andrea barely invested time in taking care of herself, until she joined IKAIKA.

Through our RESET challenge, Andrea developed excellent eating habits, became stronger and more flexible, and in the process she was able to fit clothes in her closet that she had not seeing in years.

Ever wonder why someone goes to a certain gym and chooses to be a part of that community? How they end up where they are, and why they fell in love with the gym they call home. ⁠ ⁠ IKAIKA is for EVERYONE and ANYONE. That’s why each week we share the stories of our members.⁠

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