🍎Food quality – Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or simply just feel better – the quality of the food you eat is going to have a big impact. Unfortunately, too many people place so much focus on calories, that they forget to think about the nutrients they consume. Everything you eat affects your physical and mental health, from your sleep, stress levels, skin and digestion. If you solely focus on calories you could be missing out on many vital nutrients that will help your body function properly.

🍗Undereating protein – Although protein is seen to be most important for athletes and bodybuilders – everyone needs it. Protein has other roles such as cell repair and the transportation of vital substances. It is also the most satiating macronutrient; in that, it keeps you fuller for longer. Although amounts will vary from person to person, a rough guideline would be 1g per pound of lean body mass/2.2g per kg of lean body mass in total spread across the day.

🥑Avoiding Fat – Contrary to popular opinion, eating fat will not make you fat – eating too many calories will. Whole food sources of fat in the diet are important for cell health, hormonal regulation, stronger immune system, brain health, liver health and nutrient absorption. There are some forms of fat, such as trans-fats which are processed and should be reduced – but avoiding fat altogether will do more harm than good.

🥤Liquid calories – Many people forget to factor in calories from liquids when it comes to their daily diet. Milky coffees and teas, alcohols, fruit juice and various salad dressings all contain calories that can add up throughout the week. If you have a specific nutritional goal, do not forget to factor in these calories or try to reduce them by replacing juices with water and infused fruit, and sticking to black coffee and herbal teas.

📉Lack of consistency – Whatever your goal, consistency is going to be key. Doing something for a short period of time here and there is not enough to yield results. It is what we consistently do day in and day out that makes the biggest difference.

Are you guilty of one of these? Let us know your experiences below! 👇

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