Whether you have been hitting it hard during lockdown or not doing very much at all, there are benefits to a diet “reset” to get you mentally and physically ready for stepping back in the gym and pushing towards your goals.
🥐🍺 Scenario A – If you stopped training over lockdown and let your diet slip – most likely gaining some weight in the process. If you fall under this category and have been eating more calories and moving less, you would benefit from stripping your diet back ensuring it consists mainly of quality protein, fats and veggies. Removing high sugar and high processed foods from your diet will help lower inflammation, promote insulin sensitivity, reduce cravings, stabilise blood sugar levels and improve your mood and energy.
🥊🥦 Scenario B – If you took the lockdown as an opportunity to go hard on fat loss, exercising regularly and sticking to a calorie deficit – depending on how long you have been pushing this fat loss phase, you may benefit from a “reset” to maintenance calories. Taking a week to focus on a well-balanced diet paired with a reduction in training frequency and volume can help with motivation, recovery, metabolic adaptations, muscle loss and reducing your risk of injury or “burn out.”
Which scenario do you fall into and how have you been getting on with your return to the gym? Share below! 👇

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