Warrior of the Week Wednesday – Petra

Petra is currently crushing her RESET Challenge milestones through pure diligence and determination Despite recovering from an injury, Petra always puts her best effort into everything she does, specially when it comes to regaining her strength and flexibility.

Since her first day, Petra has never missed a workout, and has always logged her nutrition at the end of every single day. She is living proof that consistency helps busy professionals like her, reach her goals.

As an IT business analyst, Petra is in charge of large scale projects all over the world. With high levels of responsibility, and a busy schedule, Petra was looking to improve her fitness and health habits. By improving her eating habits over the last couple of months, Petra has experienced significant weight loss, and increase in energy levels and flexibility.

Ever wonder why someone goes to a certain gym and chooses to be a part of that community? How they end up where they are, and why they fell in love with the gym they call home.

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