I spent months on the fence not sure if this was something I would be able to do. I’ve never been a gym member, never been in a fitness program that did anything outside of just cardio. I joined after seeing friends enjoying their experience and having great results, and after just two weeks in I am addicted.

The space feels like coming home, everyone is friendly, personable and encouraging. The only way you can NOT belong is if you CHOOSE to not belong. I’m enjoying my workouts, they are challenging, and leave me feeling accomplished and proud, I can already see progress.

The nutrition program is easy to follow and in just two weeks I’m already blowing goals out of the water. If you’re looking for a gym and a program that is suitable for every level and every body this is the place to be. Coach Einar is great at challenging each person to their unique abilities during group sessions while maintaining a sense of one-ness within the room. I am 10000000% pleased with my experience and cannot wait to see what the coming weeks and months bring me.

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