IKAIKA Workouts Week of 2/19/24

Monday Workouts:

SWEAT 2/19/24

Olympic Lifts Week 3

Snatch Practice


4 x (Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch Squat)



20 Hang Snatch

30 Sit Ups

20 Hang Snatch Squat

30 High Jumps

Tuesday WOD:

SWEAT 2/20/24

Squat Practice


4x(OHS + FRS)


5 RFT:


9 Squat Cleans

6 Push Up

3 V-Up

Wednesday WOD:

SWEAT 2/21/24

Clean Practice


8 (HCL + PP + CL + PJ)



24 Plank Jacks

12 PJ

4 Hindu Push

Rest 1 Minute


12 Plank Jacks

6 PP

4 Hindu Push

Rest 1 Minute


24 Plank Jacks

12 PJ

4 Hindu Push

Thursday WOD:

SWEAT 2/22/24

Press + Push Press + Push Jerk


8 (Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch Squat)



10 Bear Squats

20 HSS

40 Flutter Kicks

Friday WOD:

SWEAT 2/23/24


7 (CL + PJ + OHS)



Min 1: 8 Snatch Squats

Min 2: 32 Mountain Climbers

Min 3: 16 PJ

Min 4: :32 K2C

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Olympic Weightlifting at IKAIKA Fitness: A Community of Strength

Fostering Success in Durham, NC

At IKAIKA Fitness, we’re not just a gym; we’re a community. We celebrate each member’s journey, from their first lift to their personal bests. Our athletes in Durham have seen transformative results, not just in their physical strength but in their confidence and mental resilience.

Inspirational Stories of Transformation

The walls of IKAIKA Fitness are lined with stories of transformation. Each member brings their unique journey, finding in Olympic weightlifting a path to self-improvement and empowerment. These stories aren’t just about weights lifted; they’re about lives uplifted.

Nutrition: Fueling the Olympic Weightlifter’s Body

The Building Blocks of a Weightlifter’s Diet

In Olympic weightlifting, nutrition is as crucial as the workout itself. It’s about fueling the body with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. At IKAIKA Fitness, our nutrition experts provide personalized advice, ensuring each athlete’s diet supports their training and recovery needs.

Expert Tips from IKAIKA Nutritionists

Our team at IKAIKA Fitness understands that nutrition is personal. We work closely with our athletes, developing nutrition plans that complement their training regimes and lifestyle, ensuring they’re energized for every lift and every day.

Lifting Beyond Limits with IKAIKA Fitness

Olympic weightlifting is more than a sport; it’s a journey of personal growth and community. At IKAIKA Fitness in Durham, NC, we’re dedicated to guiding you on this journey, offering expert coaching, a supportive community, and a passion for lifting that goes beyond the weights. Join us and experience the transformative power of Olympic weightlifting – where every lift is a step towards a stronger, more confident you.

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So don’t miss out on this opportunity to get fit and healthy and find out why IKAIKA is on its way to becoming the best gym in Durham.

Our gym is known for its personalized approach, delivery of real results, diverse workout options, expert trainers, and a strong community focus, making us a unique and welcoming space for all fitness enthusiasts in Durham. If you do not believe us, please take a minute to read our Google Reviews HERE

Frequently Asked Questions About Olympic Weightlifting

“Is Olympic Weightlifting suitable for beginners?”

Absolutely! Olympic weightlifting is adaptable for all levels. At IKAIKA Fitness, we start with the basics, gradually building up your skill and strength.

“How often should I train in Olympic weightlifting?”

This varies based on individual goals and fitness levels. Typically, 3-4 times a week is recommended for beginners, with rest days for recovery.

“Can Olympic weightlifting help with weight loss?”

Yes, it can. Olympic weightlifting boosts metabolism and builds lean muscle mass, aiding in weight loss and body composition improvements.

“What age is appropriate to start Olympic weightlifting?”

While there’s no specific age, it’s generally safe for adolescents and older. We offer youth programs at IKAIKA Fitness, focusing on technique and safety.

“Do I need special equipment to start Olympic weightlifting?”

Basic equipment includes weightlifting shoes and comfortable athletic wear. At IKAIKA Fitness, we provide all necessary equipment for our members.

“How do I prepare for my first Olympic weightlifting competition?”

Preparation involves consistent training, proper nutrition, and mental readiness. Our coaches at IKAIKA Fitness provide comprehensive support for competition preparation.

Dive into the world of Olympic Weightlifting workouts with IKAIKA Fitness in Durham, NC

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