IKAIKA Workouts Week of 1/15/24


Monday Workout:

SWEAT 1/15/24

Conditioning Week 5

WARRIOR WOD 11 (Benchmark)


Mountain Climbers

Sit Ups

High Jumps

Tuesday Workout:

SWEAT 1/16/24


10 Squat Cleans

10 Hollow Rocks

10 H2OH

Wednesday Workout:

SWEAT 1/17/24

WARRIOR WOD 12 (Benchmark)



20 Crunches

7 Push Ups

10 SCL

(rest 1 minute between rounds)

Thursday Workout:

SWEAT 1/18/24

10 Rounds For Time


5 Kees to Chest

5 Clean + Push Press

5 Burpees

Friday Workout:

SWEAT 1/19/24

The Crista


30 Swings

20 Step Ups

10 Push Up

5 Russian Twists

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